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Aloha! Below are links to criminal justice,business, general information, and newsfeeds. Mahalo--- Enjoy--from Hector...

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As of December 1, 2004 the Western states including Hawaii now access free copies of their credit reports once a year from Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion as mandated by the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003 better known as the FACT Act.  This can be accessed at  annualcreditreport

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CyberTipline Guide for parents concern about their children online.  

 Link to "Internet Crime Complaint Center".

 Link to "National Do NOT call registry".

  Webster Online dictionary   and thesaurus

Midweek listings of movies in Honolulu

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Movie listings for Honolulu

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Here are some links for learners in criminal justice, business, and just general topics.

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Hector's BLOG-A MUST for learners who need current articles on crimnal justice This is an excellent site to find current RSS feeds on criminal justice topics. It provides up-to-date news on criminal justice system from law enforcement, courts, and corrections. 

BELOW ARE LINKS TO CRIMINAL JUSTICE RELATED TOPICS-(updated 11/12)-The criminal justice main page (link below) now contains liks to national sex registry and the center for wrongful convictions.

 Links to CRIMINAL JUSTICE Just in case the link does not work, you can access the criminal justice links to directly by going to:  www.criminaljustices.com  - world criminal justice system, police, corrections, constituions, serial killers, mass murder, requirements for criminal justice professions, constitutional issues such as illegal search, Supreme Court (U.S./Hawaii) decisions, death penalty, parole, probation, Statutes from other states, Substantive Law, Forensic, Federal Rules of Evidence(FRE), and many more

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RSS FEEDS:  LATEST NEWSFEED ON CRIMINAL JUSTICE TOPICS:  Crime and punishment, death penalty, and police news feeds - When you cite these stories, be sure to use proper citation using "APA style".

Banaue Rice Terrace-Ifugao province of the Philippines

After 9/11, the Department of Homeland Security was created. The following link will provide more information on this Department. It also now includes the former Immigration and Naturalization Service formerly known as "INS". --- DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY (DHS)

DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE (DOJ) .  This link provides information on federal agencies dealing with criminal justice including the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Bureau of Prisons (BOP), and Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). ---

Kakaako Park-downtown Honolulu-Oahu, Hawaii

LIST OF SERIAL KILLERS/MASS MURDERERS ---This site provides brief description of serial killers and mass murderers.

| Post secondary school's security-shows crime statistics for colleges in your area-it includes college population and degrees offered| Consolidated theaters in OAHURegal theaters in Oahu | | | |


For business students, the following link will provide the most up-to-date news feeds regarding human resources, industry news, and other topics covered in business classes. When you cite these stories, be sure to use proper citation using "APA style". RSS FEEDS: UP TO DATE NEWS ON BUSINESS TOPICS including management, industries, and other business related to business classes.

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Just in case the link does not work, you can access the business links directly by going to: www.businessclassonline.com--(Updated 10/10) McGregor Theories (Theory X and Theory Y), Importing into the United States, Exporting leads to foreign countries, NAFTA, EC,  Anti-trust, bankruptcy, Bonds, ISO 9000, Incoterms, World trade, GATT, WTO, Economic Indicatiors, Currency,Bankruptcy, and more business topics--

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	    of Oahu, Hawaii

 www.criminologynews.com This is an excellent link for students in criminal justice who are looking for the most recent news on criminal justice topics. The link includes international news on "Crime and punishment", "Death penalty", and "Police" news.

The DEAD kids of  Myspace Articles regarding people who have been arrested for sex crimes via Myspace. This is an excellent site for those researching articles regarding theories in criminology such "Differential association", "Social bond theory", "Drift theory", and the schools of criminology(classical and positivism).  However, you do not have to be a criminal justice student to view this page as it deals with adults who take advantage of children on cyberspace.

 Parents are encourage to view this page.  Just a reminder that this site is added for criminal justice students so some links might not be appropriate for children.

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Official Government time  Exact time from different time zones of the U.S.

Latest Business RSS feeds latest business related feeds relating to business classes including human resources


Want to find out which streets to avoid?


This gives up to date information on car accidents in Honolulu.  

Interested only in law enforcement related news?  The following links provide the latest news in this field.  LAW Officer.com , and Police One.com  

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CJ Information System,   (updated 1/06)for my students who are enrolled in the Criminal Justice information system.  Includes the following: Map of the CJ system (with examples for each stage of the CJ system), statistical sites (including U.S. and international data on crimes), forensics, gangs, victimology, and more.  If the link does not work, go type the following address on the browser:


 This link provides the latest updates on criminal justice from CNN law section.  

This link provides the latest updates on criminal justice from  FOX News.

 This link provide the latest updates of cases from Court TV.

 This link provide the latest legal updates from ABC News.

<<Box Office Mojo  -This site provides the weekly top movies in different countries.  Nice to compare what other countries are watching.