Some of these links contain topics not suitable for children such as murder and rape in prison.  The links are for educational and informational purposes only for students in criminal justice.  For job requirements,  contact that specific agency for "updated" requirements for any jobs you are interested in.  

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Aloha! Below are links to criminal justice,general information, and newsfeeds. Mahalo--- Enjoy--from Hector...


 Internet Crime Complaint Center

White Collar Crime  Types of white collar crime   Links to Victimology

World criminal justice systems

ILLEGAL SEARCH Supreme Court of Japan
Hawaii state government European search  F-1 Visa Tips
Mass murderer, cannibalism, etc.  Property distribution after divorce-Hawaii Guides to cult
Divorce law info of all states Supreme Court Decisions since 1893  Police links(thanks to Jeff Binuya)

Here are compiled links to help instructors, professionals, and students in the criminal justice field.  
  • Mega links in CJThanks to Herman (JAY) Jones, my former student at Hawaii Pacific University(HPU)-This gives links to Dr. Frank Schmalleger's of Prentice Hall, Cecil Greek of Florida State University, prison links, etc.

For more links to Hawaii government....Click HERE

Complete agencies of the federal govt.

Organizations of the Department of Justice

U.S. Dept. of Justice
SEARCH and SEIZSURE Chart of Department of Justice David Koresh
U.S. Code,Circuit courts of appeals, ETC. crime prevention/assistance in Hawaii(thanks to Martin Tracey) Killers (Cults)

Serial killers


Halawa Correctional Facility-Oahu, Hawaii-photo from Star Bulletin 08-26-96

Here are links to court related materials including U.S. Supreme Court Decisions, Hawaii Supreme Court decisions, etc.
  • Hawaii Case Law since 1989 -Best place to find Hawaii Supreme Court and Intermidiate Court of Appeals cases from 1989 to present-You can search by topics or search cases alphabetically.

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U.S.Constitution drug profiling, statistics on crimes, victims, offenders,etc. FOUR11 (find people)
U.S. Supreme Court judges comparative criminal justice Crime Scene Investigation(EVIDENCE)
STATES STATUTES by topics U.S. Federal Law U.S. DOJ
International law Laws and Legislation Evidence/Forensic links
  Links to corrections of all topics  FEDERAL RULES of EVIDENCE (FRE)-All the Sections Forensic Science links

Laws from all states-federal appeals court

The following links are helpful in searching topics regarding prison.

  • PRISON TOPICS(ALL) -Include Corrections Connections Network, Other Side of the Wall,  National Institute of Corrections (NIC), United States Parole Commission, American Correctional Association (ACC), Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP), links to state correctional facilities, and more.

Requirements for some of the law enforcement fields...Enjoy

Guide to Forensic Science Requirement/Employment w/ the FBI(Special Agent)

Requirement for CIA agent

Department and agencies of Hawaii

Hawaii judicial system
Hawaii politicians, Hawaii Revised statutes, IRS, Real State, State tax, FEDERAL jobs, permits for restaurants, etc.
Hawaii Landlord Tenant Code Canadian publication-Journals on drug prevention, etc.
Requirement for ondontology certification

The following links help in reserching topics about law enforcement.

Law enforcement related sites Thanks to Jeff Binuya, my former student at HPU-Covers Community Oriented Policing, Security, Law Organization, Gants, International Law Enforcements

Community Policing , Community Policing LINKS .

Here is another link for up-to-date news from FOX News

 This link provide the latest updates on criminal justice from CNN law section.  This is an excellent site for those who are required to turn in up-to-date case    

 This link provide the latest legal updates from ABC News.

 This link provide the latest updates of cases from Court TV.

  Webster Online dictionary   and thesaurus   Email:  for my current students, use the email given in class.  This email is just for others to aovid spammers.

  • Cop Career From Andrew Dale, a police officer  in NY-Links to State Career Info(Requirement to be a police officer in each state), and requirement to Federal Law Enforcement.  

Email:  for my current students, use the email given in class.  This email is just for others to aovid spammers.
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